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"flush the toilet" bathroom sign.


Printables for Kids

Printable counting 1 through 100 educational poster.

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Printables For Kids

Browse our collection of free printables just for kids! From reward charts and chore charts,  to fun printable games and activities, if you have a little one you’re sure to find plenty for them here!



Games and Activities

From word searches to bingo games and more, explore all our favorite free printable activities!

clipboard and checkmark.


Printable Reward Systems

Help your child feel a sense of pride and accomplishment with our favorite reward system printables!

kids blocks.


Printables For Kids By Age

From preschool to teenagers, explore our large selection of free printables broke down by age!

Laura, author of Favorite Printables.

Hey, I’m Laura! Ever have that one weird friend who laughs at their own jokes? That’s me!

I spend my days designing, drinking too much coffee, blaring 90s music and getting weird looks from other adults because I don’t know how to adult right.

Set Of 10 Educational Posters

This set of 10 educational posters is perfect for the classroom, playroom, homeschool, or Montessori! Create a fun learning environment for your little ones with these colorful and educational rainbow themed prints!

set of icons with tape, paper clip and scissors.
Preview set of 10 printable educational posters in frames.
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