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Rainbow Reward Chart for Kids

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Your little one will love this free printable rainbow reward chart! With two style options to pick from, it’s a great way to help motivate them into working hard and accomplishing their goals!

Printable rainbow reward chart preview set of sheets.

Free printable rainbow reward chart

If your little one is like mine and needs some visual motivation for their daily tasks, then this free printable rainbow reward chart is perfect for them (and you!)! With an easy to follow chart it allows your child to see exactly what tasks they need to accomplish each day and mark it off as they go along. There’s a LOT of satisfaction in marking off your to-do items as you go!

How the reward chart works

I recommend using this on a weekly basis so kids aren’t having to look too far into the future to receive their reward, often times if things take forever even us adults struggle with holding on!

So, each week, you and your child will figure out a reward to work towards. This could be a movie night, pizza dinner, ice cream out, whatever you agree on!

Then you will want to set a goal for the week of how many tasks should be accomplished to earn the reward, you know your child best so you may want to start small or go for gold and have them get all tasks done. How you do it is completely up to you!

Once you have your reward and goals figured out you’ll want to write in what you want your child to accomplish each day. And during the day, as they accomplish their tasks, they can mark them off! If they forget one that spot should remain empty and no point counted.

At the end of the week you’ll want to tally up all their tasks! Each task and day should count as one point. So, if they accomplish all tasks on Monday that would be 7 total points for that day. (Tip: This reward chart has 42 items total they can accomplish in a week).

If they meet, or exceed, the weekly goal you set for them they earn their reward!

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What’s Included:

  • 8.5×11 printable rainbow reward chart in multiple colors
  • 8.5×11 printable rainbow reward chart in muted colors
Rainbow reward chart with daily task samples filled out.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

Pro Tip: Put this reward chart in a picture frame with a glass front so you can easily write on it each week and erase to start new without having to print it over and over again!

Ideas for reward chart tasks and chores

There are a lot of tasks you can add depending on your child’s age! I am going to break them down below by age range to help.

Reward chart ideas for ages 2-4

  1. Pickup toys
  2. Brush their teeth
  3. Use the potty
  4. Eat a healthy snack
  5. No fighting with sibling
  6. Put on pajamas
  7. Get dressed for the day
  8. Put on pajamas all by themselves
  9. Share a toy with a friend
  10. Stay in their seat during meals

Reward chart ideas for ages 5-8

  1. Makeup their bed
  2. Cleanup their room
  3. Brush their teeth
  4. Feed the pets
  5. Set the table
  6. Help with the dishes
  7. Put away laundry
  8. Wash their hands after bathroom break
  9. Help mom or dad without being asked

What benefits do reward systems have?

Using a reward system with kids can be incredibly beneficial! It’s a great way to reinforce positive behavior and create consistent and clear expectations, which help motivate your child to work towards specific goals (like a prize or fun event!).

Rewarding your child’s efforts and accomplishments can greatly improve not only their behavior but also their self-esteem, as they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they earn their reward!

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