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Looking for a fun way to mix it up for family night? You’ll love this free printable board game template to create a new game for family game night!

Preview of board game with cards and template.

Printable board game template

We love us some family game night but sometimes it can get a bit… boring! Ok well when it comes to kids games at least, I can honestly only play Sorry so many times in life before I want to pull my hair out.

One evening my oldest decided to come up with her own board game for us to play! She presented us with a creative board game she drew herself and had some cards filled out with all sorts of funny challenges, we had an absolute blast playing it!

Which gave me the idea.. why not create a template that any child can use to create a fun board game for themselves?! Because sometimes it’s hard to get those lines just right!

Easy printable board game for kids!

Our goal with this printable was to leave it blank as much as possible to allow for kids to really let their imagination run wild! If your child is more tame they may want to use simple ideas, if your child likes to push the absolute limits they may choose some more exaggerated ideas haha.

Thats the fun of it! Kids can totally make it their own and create whatever game and theme they want to!

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What’s Included:

  • Blank printable board game
  • Printable board game with sample spots
  • Blank printable cards for challenges
Samples of challenge cards for board game.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

A few board game challenge ideas

Looking for some ideas? I get it, sometimes we get a bit stuck and need a bit of help! I got my kids together to think of some fun ideas to include on the cards and/or board game. (You should know.. my youngest is savage while my oldest is more tame, so the answers below are a good mixture of the two haha).

  1. Sing a song and gurgle water to move forward 5 spaces (if you fail – move back 3!)
  2. Pat your head and rub your tummy to move forward 3 spaces (if you fail – move back 2!)
  3. Sing a verse from a song, if players guess the song you move back 3! If they don’t, move forward 4!
  4. If you can remember mom’s/dad’s birthday, move forward 3 spaces! If you forgot, move back 2!
  5. The oldest player will swap places with the youngest player!
  6. Balance something on your head for 30 seconds, if it doesn’t fall move forward 4 spaces!
  7. Challenge another player to a thumb war. Winner moves forward 5 spaces! Loser moves back 2.
  8. Save this card to take a turn from someone else at any time!
  9. Miss your next turn.
  10. Save this card for an extra turn any time!
  11. If you know your state’s capital, move forward 3 spots!
  12. If you know your siblings birthday move forward 2 spots!
Blank printable board game template.

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