Reward Punch Cards For Kids

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These free printable reward punch cards are perfect in helping your child or student achieve their goals and get a good visual of their progress!

Preview set of reward punch cards numbered 1 through 10.

Free printable reward punch cards

If your kids are like mine and need motivation for their daily tasks, then these punch cards are perfect! These cards are easy for the child to see what goal they are working towards and how many tasks they have to complete it.

Having a visual to go by and see how their progress is going on a daily basis is a fantastic way to keep some kids motivated and completing needed tasks!

How the reward cards work

You and your child first need to agree upon what the reward will be, then once you’ve decided your child can start earning rewards to meet that goal! Much like the reward cards at your favorite stores, the kids earn something once all their holes are punched too!

How to earn rewards at home

You can choose to have your child earn their rewards any way you’d like, here are just a few ideas below!

  • Doing chores around the house
  • Completing homework assignments
  • Getting good grades in school
  • Getting up for school without a fight (if you know, you know)

How to earn rewards at school

Are you a teacher looking to use this system? Great! Here are just a few ideas for you!

  • Completing certain tasks throughout the day (being a helper, cleaning up after snack time, etc)
  • Completing their assignments on time
  • Being kind to fellow students

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What’s Included:

8.5 x 11 sheet with 8 reward punch cards

Preview set pf 8 reward punch cards.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

How to print the reward cards

These cards are super easy to print and use! Just print the single sheet below and cut out along the solid lines. I highly recommend using a solid card stock for these so they are more durable, and if you laminate them that’s even better!

What benefits do reward systems have?

Using a reward system with kids can be incredibly beneficial! It’s a great way to reinforce positive behavior and create consistent and clear expectations, which help motivate your child to work towards specific goals (like a prize or fun event!).

Rewarding your child’s efforts and accomplishments can greatly improve not only their behavior but also their self-esteem, as they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they earn their reward!

Reward punch cards canva template.

Customizeable Canva Template

Buy Reward Punch Cards Canva Template!

Want even more customization options? Download our fully customizable Canva template, perfect for those who want more flexibility and design options!

Just want the free option? No worries, keep scrolling!

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  1. I really like this idea and would like to implement it. Sadly, it will not download for me.

    1. Hi Lori,

      The PDF will pull up in a new tab when you click the download button above 🙂 Hope that helps!