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Duck Duck Jeep Tags

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Spread the jeep love with these fun and colorful duck duck jeep printables! Perfect for ducking that awesome jeep you spot in the parking lot!

Preview of printable duck duck jeep tags.

Free Duck Duck Jeep printables

We, ok fine, my husband has a jeep that we all love riding in, taking the doors off… rolling back the top… there’s nothing else like it! My husband also likes to take it off road but I personally prefer riding along in the passenger seat and blasting obnoxious music to annoy my children. To each their own.

When we got the jeep we quickly learned about the Duck Duck Jeep trend! It was started by a woman in Canada during covid, who was feeling down and wanted to cheer someone else up, and it spread like wildfire from there! Soon everyone was ducking jeeps!

So, of course, my girls and I had to get in on the fun. My husband? Eh, he could take it or leave it, but he’s married to me so he’s along for the ride now! We quickly ordered way too many ducks online (Amazon and Temu for the win!) and carried them around in the jeep for the kids to drop on other jeepers they see.

Our first “Ducking” experience

Our first “ducking” was the best one yet. We were waiting in the jeep for my husband at the parts store and right beside us was a gorgeous blue jeep my daughter just HAD to duck. She quietly placed it on their front seat (don’t worry the doors were off) and came back to the car to sit and wait. A moment later a guy comes up and sees the duck and his face just lit up! It was so fun to see someone else smile over something so simple! He looked around for who had done it and my youngest quickly popped her head out to tell him and smile. It was the best and most wholesome interaction I had seen all day!

After that I was sold, this was a game we were definitely going to play! But I had to make a printable for it, of course!

Duck Duck Jeep Rules

There’s really only one real duck duck rule, show kindness. In my first “ducking” experience above we did just that and it made everyones day!

But there are some basic guidelines to know!

  • When you see a jeep you like drop a duck on their windshield, seat (if doors are off of course) or door handle so they’re easily noticed.
  • If you get a duck and you’re not into it just drop it on another jeeper, or give it to a child, and go on with your day. Cutting it’s head off and leaving it isn’t playing nice.
  • Stay out of people’s jeeps (this should be an obvious one, hopefully) and only leave the ducks on the outside of the vehicle.

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What’s Included:

  • 8.5 x 11 printable sheet of 12 “Duck Duck Jeep” tags in black
  • 8.5 x 11 printable sheet of 12 “Duck Duck Jeep” tags in white

Pro Tip: Laminate these tags so they don’t get ruined in the rain!

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

How to use the printable “Duck Duck Jeep” Tags

I’ve created two different styles of jeep tags, depending on your preference! One set which includes 12 black cards and one set which includes 12 white cards. I opted for both styles because who knows, you may want to mix it up a bit!

Setup your tags and duck

To use these you can simply print the tags and cut along the edges, once you have them all cut up I recommend using a hole punch to add a hole and run a piece of twine or ribbon through it. That way you can easily attach it to your ducks!

What does the tag say?

“You’ve been ducked by a fellow jeeper, quack quack! Your jeep is duckin’ sweet!” Spread the love #duckduckjeep

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