Wedding Activity Book For Kids

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This free printable wedding activity book is perfect for your next wedding or wedding reception! Keep the kids happy and occupied to help your special day be a bit less chaotic!

Preview of inside sheets for the wedding activity book.

Free printable wedding activity book

With 12 total pages of activities this is perfect for kids of all ages (I recommend anywhere between 2-12!).

Activities in the booklet

  • “I Do” coloring cover page
  • Outfit match – color the bride and groom to match
  • I spy – Look around the wedding and find things on the list!
  • Tick tack toe
  • Cake decorating – Decorate the cake to match the one at the wedding
  • Selfie time – Draw a self portrait
  • Word search – Find 10 wedding related words
  • Word scramble – Unscramble wedding related words
  • What’s Missing – Fill in the blanks to match the pictures!
  • Tweet Heart maze – Help the love birds find each other
  • Count the ways – Count how many of each item are in the picture
  • Just married back – Color the car and write a special message for the bride and groom

Great for kids at the wedding reception!

This printable wedding activity book is perfect for your next wedding reception! Let’s face it, kids are hard to entertain at wedding and wedding receptions. So why not give them something to occupy themselves?

At your reception you can create a table just for kids! Toss in plenty of crayons and multiple copies of this printable booklet to keep them occupied during the “boring stuff” like pictures, speeches, etc.

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What’s Included:

  • 6 pages of 8.5×11 printable sheets to create a half size booklet
  • 12 pages of 8.5×11 printable sheets to create a full size booklet

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

How to print your activity book

I have created this printable booklet to work for double sided pages, which means you’ll want to print it in a certain order to make sure it prints off correctly!

For the wedding activity book PDF:

Step 1: Print pages 1-3 as normal

Step 2: Put those pages back in your printer, upside down facing the same direction, and print pages 4-6.

Step 3: With the method above you should be able to simply fold over the pages as they print out to make your booklet!

For the wedding activity single page PDF:

Step 1: Print pages 1-6 as normal

Step 2: Put all 6 pages back in your printer, upside down facing the same direction, and print pages 7-12

Step 4: With this method you can staple the full sheets together, as is. It will not create a booklet like the first version but it will give you full pages for each activity!

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