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This free printable letter to Santa template is perfect to help the little ones write their letter to the big man this Christmas! This easy to follow template makes it super simple for them to write a quick message and easily list ideas on their wishlist.

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Free printable letter to Santa template

Writing a letter to Santa is a fun and classic tradition i’m sure we all remember doing as kids. The excitement of telling jolly old Nick all the things you did for the year and sharing your wants and wish list is such a wonderful experience!

I created this easy template to use for your child to easily share all the details with Santa this year! Your child can include their information, write any questions they have for Santa and fill out their wants and wishes! So warm up some hot chocolate, sit by the Christmas tree and let them write their letter. Does it get more magical than that?

Don’t forget to include your return address so Santa can reply, and mail the letter early so reaches the North Pole in time for Christmas!

How to send a letter to Santa

Sending the letter off to the North Pole is super simple! Once your child has finished writing their letter you can add to the envelope and address it to:

Santa Claus
123 Elf Road
North Pole, 88888

And don’t forget to jot down what your child wants so you can help Santa, because sometimes he gets a bit busy!

Send it through the post office

If you’re in the US you can drop it in your mailbox and the USPS will pick it up and deliver it personally. Make sure to check out the USPS Operation Santa to help other families by adopting and responding to letters as well!

Sent it through Royal Mail

If you’re in the UK you can drop it in your mail and the Royal Mail and Santa will make sure to reply to as many letters as he can!

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What’s Included:

8.5×11 printable Santa letter template

Letter to santa free printable preview.

Supplies Needed:

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Letter From Santa Template

Santa can often get quite busy and may not be able to respond to every single letter, and that’s ok, as parents we’re here to be his helpers right?! I’m pretty sure Santa hired us as helper Elves the day our kids were born haha.

You can help make it a magical year with our free printable letter from Santa template to write your own custom reply!

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