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Christmas Dice Game

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This free printable Christmas dice game is perfect to add some fun to your next gift exchange with friends and family! Swap, steal, unwrap – so many fun ways to mix up the typical gift exchange!

Christmas dice game free printable template preview.

Free Christmas dice game printable

The Christmas Dice Game, also known as the Christmas Gift Exchange Game or Dirty Santa, is a fun activity played at holiday parties and family get togethers! Instead of the old (and sometimes a bit boring) white elephant exchange, you can spice it up with this fun game!

The concept is simple, each participant brings a wrapped gift to the party or get together and you take turns rolling a die to exchange gifts. In the printable PDF below you’ll find instructions and a list of rules for each role. You and the other players will take turns rolling the die and completing the actions that correspond with it. Once you unwrap the gift your turns are over and you keep the item you unwrapped, good or bad – it’s yours now!

How to play the Christmas dice game

Playing the game is easy and fun but more detailed instructions may be helpful so everyone is on the same page!

  1. Each person should bring a wrapped gift to contribute to the game, this gift can have their name on it (if they choose) but should be a secret to everyone else.
  2. At the beginning of the game all players should add their gifts in the middle of the circle and each person takes a turn selecting a gift. You can draw names for this or just have everyone pickup at random, completely up to the players!
  3. The first person should roll the dice for their turn, each dice number corresponds to an action on the printable card. The player will follow the instructions for their number and then pass the dice to the next player.
  4. The game continues with each player taking turns rolling the dice and following the directions on the card.

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What’s Included:

Short intro in what is included (printable versions, sizes, etc)

Christmas dice game free printable template preview.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

Pro Tip: Use laminate sheets to make this game reusable and not as easy to destroy/bend if little hands are playing with it!

Christmas dice game free printable template preview.

Christmas dice gift exchange rolls

In the printable PDF below you’ll find the following rules for each role of the die!

Roll a one – Steal any gift

Roll a two – Everyone pass gifts to the left

Roll a three – Unwrap your gift and leave the game

Roll a four – Make two people swap gifts

Roll a five – Swap gifts with the person who loves Christmas the most

Roll a six – Swap gifts with someone who’s on the naughty list

Get the printable Christmas dice game

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