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Easter Bunny Ears Template

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This printable Easter Bunny ears template is perfect for little ones to cut, color and wear this Easter! Whether it’s in the classroom, at the grandparents or at home, they’ll have so much fun with this craft!

Printable Easter Bunny hat template.

Free printable Easter Bunny ears template

Let your little ones have some creative fun this Easter with this free printable Easter Bunny template! Perfect for little ones from preschool to Elementary age, your little ones will love this fun craft to get them in the Easter mood!

This template is easy to use for any age range, if you have younger ones you may need to cut it out for them and then allow them to color it however they’d like. Then simply help them assemble with some tape and voila, you’ve got an adorable hat!

Bunny Ears Template

There are a few different template options in the download link below to help you create any hat style you want. Do you just want a bunny face? No problem! Use that one and some extra paper and create your hat. Want to decorate some fun eggs or say “Happy Easter”? Use those attached templates instead, or all three of them! Tons of great opitons for each child to make their own unique hat.

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What’s Included:

Single 8.5×11 template with bunny ears and hat rims

Printable Easter Bunny hat template preview page.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

How to use this template

Creating the bunny ears hat is pretty simple, most younger children should be able to do it with some basic instructions along the way.

  1. Print out the bunny ears template below
  2. Cut along the dashed lines for the ears and borders
  3. Color in your borders
  4. Tape the pieces together to fit your child’s head
Printable Easter Bunny hat template.

Pro Tip: Use card stock to help the ears stand up better on their own!

Get the FREE Bunny Ears template

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Download your printable bunny ears!

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Printable Easter Bunny hat template pin.
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