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Video Game Valentine Cards

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This set of free printable video game Valentines cards are perfect for your child’s Valentines party at school or just to hand out to friends! It includes 6 unique cards, each with their own fun sayings.

Free printable video game valentines cards set.

Free printable video game Valentines cards

I won’t lie, I really had to channel my inner gamer here for this printable! It’s not my typical cute, whimsical style – I had to really amp it up with these but I adore how they turned out! With bold neon colors to accent the black background, they contrast so well and will be such a fun card to hand out to friends or in the classroom!

Great for class Valentines parties!

If your child has a class party coming up where they need to bring Valentines for all their friends, skip the costly cards in the store and print these fun and unique ones no one else in class will have! Plus they’re a great cost effective option because, let’s face it, shelling out $10 a box at the store can really add up!

What do the cards say?

I’m glad you asked! Each card has it’s own fun saying, related to gaming of course. Check out the list below!

  1. Our friendship is next level!
  2. You’re my favorite gamer
  3. Will you be my player 2?
  4. You’ve got game!
  5. Have a winning Valentine!
  6. I’d pause my game for you

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What’s Included:

  • 8×10 sheet with 6 unique video game Valentines cards
Preview of printable video game valentines cards.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

How to print your Valentine cards

Printing these cards are super easy! I highly recommend using bright white card stock so they hold up well in the hands of little ones. Then simply print as many sheets as you’d like, there are 6 cards on the page so if you have 24 students you’ll want to print it 4 times.

Then, after printing is complete, just cut around the borders and have your child write who the card of for and from, hopefully your teacher provided a list of students!

And that’s it! Your child is ready to pass out these fun cards to all their friends and classmates.

Free printable video game valentines cards set.

Pro Tip: Make sure to laminate your sheets so they hold up better with little hands!

Get the FREE video game Valentines cards

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Download your printable video game cards!

Click the download link below for your immediate PDF download!

Free printable video game valentines cards set.
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