Set of 6 Recipe Cards

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These free printable recipe cards are perfect to add some flare to your kitchen and recipe box! Tired of the same ol’ cards that don’t quite have what you need? I’ve made these specifically to focus on the details at a glance!

Preview set of 5x7 printable recipe cards.

Free printable recipe cards

We all have them, you know the ones – recipe cards passed down over the years, the favorites are stained with chocolate (aka love) due to how often they’ve been used by generations! To be honest, these cards are not replaceable, your grandmother’s handwriting will never be replaceable and it’s nice to have that hint of nostalgia when reading them.

But, what about new recipes? The ones you’ve acquired from different cookbooks, amazing recipe bloggers, friends and family…. how do you store those? Well, if you’re like me you’ve been storing the papers shoved into your drawer or folded into a box. But there is a better, and cuter, way!

How do these recipe cards work?

My goal with these cards was to create something that truly works, not just a standard cookie cutter card that leaves no room for all the ingredients and tends to just be bland. I really wanted them to make sense!

On these recipe card printables you’ll find:

  • Recipe title section, long enough to actually use!
  • Easy servings box for quick viewing
  • Cook time and temp for quick viewing
  • Family rating, because we’ve all made a recipe that the family might LOVE. So you want to note that for next time!
  • Difficulty level so you can quickly tell how easy or hard it’s going to be, which is helpful on a Tuesday night!
  • Three columns for plenty of ingredients
  • Directions section

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What’s Included:

Printable template with six 4×6 recipe cards in different colors

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

How to print your recipe cards

Printing these are super simple! Each page contains two 4×6 cards ready to cut and use right away. You can print as many, or as little, as you need and come back at any time when you find you need more!

Once you’ve printed you can start organizing!

Use these protective sheets, that hold 2 cards per sheet, and a three ring binder to make your own recipe binder! That way you can also mix in older family recipes you already have on hand, making it super easy to keep organized!

Pro Tip: Use card stock for thicker, more durable, recipe cards!

What are the benefits of organizing?

I am a big believer in your home should be a place of comfort and tranquility, which is hard to accomplish if there’s chaos around you! Keeping your home and life more organized can help you to reduce stress and create a sense of calm and order in one of the few places you can control.

It can also help to save time and increase productivity by making it easier to find what you need when you need it! Whether that’s having the week’s meal plan ready to go, using a daily planner to know exactly where your family needs to be during the week, or using a checklist to keep track of family chores. Having things together in an organized manner will help you be more productive and enjoy the everyday just a bit more!

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