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Thanksgiving Activity Sheet

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Kids will love these free printable Thanksgiving activity sheets, perfect for the road trip or while waiting on Thanksgiving dinner!

Printable Thanksgiving activity sheet preview.

Free Thanksgiving activity sheet

This free printable Thanksgiving activity sheet is perfect for the younger kids! With a fun maze, color the turkey, tick tack toe and much more!

And if they love to be creative they can decorate their own yummy Thanksgiving plate! And even list what they’re thankful for this year. Tons of fun ways to pass the time while waiting on that turkey to bake!

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Free activity sheet for kids

You’ll find a bit of everything to occupy little minds with this fun activity sheet to allow your child to expand their creativity, learn to problem solve, and working on critical thinking. All of this while they’re just having fun drawing and creating Thanksgiving themed activities!

What’s Included:

8.5×11 color activity sheet

  • coloring sections
  • tick tack toe
  • maze
  • thankful for list
  • plate decoration
Thanksgiving activity sheet preview.

Best ways to use this activity sheet

I love making these and packing them up for our kids for the drive to the family’s house for Thanksgiving or while waiting for the food to finish! Because, we all know, Thanksgiving meals are an all day event.

And if you’re a teacher this is a great activity for the last day before fall break to keep the kids occupied and having fun at the same time!

It’s even easier if you laminate it (if you want to reuse it) and use dry erase markers! Especially with multiple kids, you can let them take turns passing them around or playing tick tack toe together!

Thanksgiving activity sheet printable set.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

What are the benefits of an activity sheet?

For starters, anything that can help strengthen and occupy a little ones mind is a win in my book! Activity sheets provide an excellent way for kids to develop fine motor skills, creativity, cognitive skills, and confidence.

Plus if you’re looking for ways to minimize your child’s screen time (no judgement from this mama, promise!) activity sheets are an amazing way to do just that and learn new skills while they’re doing it!

Activity sheets are often packed with easy to follow mazes, fun sections to color to get their creativity flowing, tick tack toe and connect the dots to bring out the competitor within’, and much more. They’re simple ways to know your child is having fun while also recharging their brain and relieving stress!

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