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Live Laugh Lobotomy Decor

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This free printable Live Laugh Lobotomy sign is perfect to add a fun accent to your home decor this Halloween season!

"Live Laugh Lobotomy" printable home decor preview.

Free Halloween printable wall art

I will be the first to say my taste in decor is a bit different, I am a huge fan of off the wall humor mixed in with regular everyday decor. That way you never know what you’ll get when you walk in! Maybe you’ll see a prayer for my children or a “I may look calm” potato poster… who knows. That’s the fun of it!

So when I was working up ideas for printable Halloween decor I fell in love with a certain piece, so much so that i felt it needed to be featured all on it’s own!

I’m sure you’ve seen this saying somewhere before, I saw it years ago and it’s always stuck with me but I never knew how I wanted to use it! It’s a fun twist on the typical “Live. Laugh. Love” sign you’ve seen in almost every home in the south at some point in time.

Perfect decor for Halloween

This piece is perfect to add some fun to your Halloween decor or everyday home decor if that’s your style all year round! Whether you want to frame it in a large centerpiece for your wall or a smaller frame to go on your mantle of bookshelf, however you want to use it I am sure it will be a hit with guest!

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What’s Included:

  • 8.5×11 Halloween “Live, Laugh, Lobotomy” decor
"Live Laugh Lobotomy" printable preview.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

How to print your sign

This one is super easy to setup and use! Just following the download link below to download your PDF file and print through your printer. Then you can use it in your frame of choice (I personally like the matted options) and hang it wherever you’d like!

Pro Tip: Buy frames with matting so you can give your printable some breathing room and see what you like. You can easily remove it, if needed!

Get the FREE printable Live Laugh Lobotomy

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Download your printable Halloween decor!

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