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Halloween Candy Bowl Sign

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Not at home this Halloween? You can use this free printable Halloween candy bowl sign with your bowl of candy to help remind kids to be kind and leave some behind for others!

Free printable Halloween candy bowl preview in frame.

Free printable Halloween candy bowl sign

Are you planning to take the kids out trick or treating this year but still want to leave some candy for trick or treaters at your own house? The typical solution to this is leave out a bowl and hope for the best! Why not add a cute Halloween sign to prompt visitor’s to be kind?

Great sign for trick-or-treaters

We all know there are those folds (kids and adults) who won’t listen but I like to believe there is more good than bad in this world and sometimes kids we all need a little reminder to be kind and leave some for others.

This sign is perfect and, from my experience in the past, kids do read them! I’ve loved seeing many little ones on our porch reading our sign and reminding others to only take a few. At the end of the night there was plenty of candy for everyone who visited!

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What’s Included:

  • 8.5×11 printable Halloween candy bowl sign
Free printable Halloween candy bowl preview page.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

What does the Halloween sign say?

The phrasing for the sign is short and sweet but to the point!

“Happy Halloween. No tricks, just treats. Take one or two! Please be kind and leave some behind for other trick-or-treaters to find.”

Pro Tip: Laminate or frame this sign to protect it from the elements

Free printable Halloween candy bowl preview in frame.

How to display your sign

Using this sign is simple, there are so many possibilities on how you want to set it up! If you have an empty frame I recommend putting it in there to make sure it doesn’t get damaged by the elements while you’re out and about.

Then you just setup a small table outside your door with a bowl of candy and the sign to remind trick or treaters to just take a few pieces so others can have some also!

If you don’t have a frame, no worries, you can laminate it (just an option – not required) and simply tape it on the table, on the wall or stick it inside the bowl!

Get the FREE Halloween candy sign

So, are you ready to print your free sign? Just use the buttons below to grab your free printable and enjoy!

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Download your printable candy bowl sign!

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Free printable Halloween candy bowl pin.
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