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First Day of School Printable Banners

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These first day of school printable banners are a great way to send your child off with a fun first day of school photo!

First day of school banners preview.

Free printable first day of school banners!

It’s that time of year again, the summer is coming to an end and kids are returning back to school! You’re spending way too much money on school supplies, buying clothes they’ll outgrow in six months, and counting down the days…

And of course we are all going to take that first day of school photo! The only one for the year where your child is excited to go to school because they forgot how tiring it can be haha. My kids are no exception! So I worked up some fun and different style banners to make those photos a bit more fun.

What the banners include

The banners include just a simple phrase for the grade they’re entering. I am not a fan (personally – to each their own) of including school names, teachers, etc. in the photo because I am totally that overprotective mom when it comes to social media. (Can they find things out? Yes! Do I want to make it easy? Nope!)

Fist day of school sign for all ages

From entering daycare to twelfth grade, there’s a fun printable banner for each grade! And one generic “school” one if you prefer that as well. I tried to include all different types of options to cover any and all age ranges!

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What’s Included:

Printable 8×10 pendant banners for the following:

  • First day of daycare
  • First day of school
  • First day of preschool
  • First day of pre-k
  • First day of kindergarten
  • First day of first grade
  • First day of second grade
  • First day of third grade
  • First day of fourth grade
  • First day of fifth grade
  • First day of sixth grade
  • First day of seventh grade
  • First day of eighth grade
  • First day of ninth grade
  • First day of tenth grade
  • First day of eleventh grade
  • First day of twelfth grade
First day of second grade banner.

Supplies Needed:

Below are the supplies I recommend to get the best out of your new printable!

How to use these banners

These banners are pretty easy to use! You simply print out the banner of choice and cut along the dashed edges to create a triangle.

Once it’s cut out you’ll want to fold along the outside edge so you can wrap it around something to hold the banner in place.

Pro Tip: Use cardstock for these banners so they’re sturdy and don’t fall over!

What can I hold the banner with?

You may look at my photo and think “Laura.. are those colored pencils holding the banners?!”. Why yes, yes they are. Why? Because it’s for one photo, one day.. and I ain’t running out just to buy a dowel rod. You may be a craftier mom than I am and have one on hand, which is perfect!

But, if you’re like I am and always waiting till the last minute to do anything.. you may not have one handy. So anything will do, honestly! As long as your child can hold it for the 2 minutes it takes to snap a few memorable photos, that’s all you need.

A few ideas you can use:

  • Dowel rod (.40 cents at the store)
  • Colored pencil (simply tape it on back and voila!)
  • folded up cardstock (use the scraps from your cutout and fold it over!)
  • Small stick from outside (hey.. when it works, it works!)

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